Can I have a refund for the apps?

Eggflow's flexible refund policy

With the attempt to bring users with the best experience, Eggflow always try to handle refund request with the most flexible manner. 

However, to make sure everything is under control, a guiding policy about refund has been established so that Eggflow users can have an overview about when a refund is accepted.

Your refund request is accepted under the following circumstances

1. You are charged after your store is closed: In this case, it is required that you show the proof that your store is closed before you get charged.

2. You cannot use the apps due to misfunction, bugs or glitches during the subscription period: In cases like this, please inform us and send the refund request as soon as possible. 

Send your refund request within 3 days

In most cases, in order to be accepted, a refund must be issued within 3 days from the day you are charged.

However, under some special circumstances, your request can still be accepted even when being sent after the first 3 days. Cases like this will be reviewed carefully before we can determine whether the request is acceptable or not.





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