How do I create a new Giveaway?

Create a new giveaway

In the app's dashboard, click New Giveaway:

Fill out all blank sections


This is the place to give information about your contest for the visitors to see. Some suggestion for you is: who is the contest for? why is it held? what makes it worth joining?

You will also find the link to your giveaway here in case you want to link it to somewhere - the announcement bar, for example.


You can set the start and end date for the contest here and the giveaway will be carried out automatically. This means the contest will automatically start (become available to join) and close, but NOT automatically notify the winner after it ends.


Of course, what is a contest without a worthy award?

In this section you will set the number of winners, the first prize as well as any other awards for the runners-up (if you decide to have more than one winner).

Cover Images & Popup Image

It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Decorate your campaign with eye-catching banner image.

You can also enable the pop-up option from here and select a different image for it. If enabled, a pop-up of the giveaway will appear for first-time visitors.


Here you pick the channel through which you want the campaign to be shared. Since Youtube and Instagram do not have a "share" feature, you would need to put in your own link.

  • Youtube: Put in your Youtube channel link or the link of a video you want participants to watch.
  • Instagram: Put in the link of your Instagram account for participants to follow.


Customize your campaign's color scheme, including:

  • Primary color: The color of main text and the "Copy Link" button.
  • Secondary color: The color of subtitle text
  • Background color: The color of the background that the main page lies on


When you are not ready yet and still want to flesh out your contest, uncheck this box.

When you want your campaign to go live, CHECK the box. If you don't, clicking Save afterward won't publish your contest!

Finally, remember to click Save and your campaign is good to go.

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