How to block visitors by countries and by IP addresses

Block visitors by countries

Select countries you want to block and click Block Selected Country.

Unblock countries

To remove a country from your blocking list, select the country and click on Unblock Selected Country

Whitelist visitors
You only need to do the same when adding countries to whitelist.
Select countries you want to show your ads and then click on Add to Whitelist.
Only visitors from these countries will be able to access your store, other countries will be blocked.
You cannot add the same countries to both blacklist and whitelist, (which is completely obvious).
Whitelist takes priority over Blacklist. Normally, you only need to use either Blacklist or Whitelist to restrict visitors to your store. However, in some cases, if you use both features, countries added to Whitelist will always have access to your store, while the rest will be blocked.

Block visitors by IP addresses

All you have to do is adding the IP addresses of people you want to block into the box, and then click Save. These people will get blocked from your store.

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