How to test your Blacklist

Before testing the app, there are some things for you to keep in mind:

- Administration mode: This mode allows you to enter your store in blocked countries. Without this mode turned on, you are blocked from your own website in blocked countries.

- The Administration mode identifies administrators of your store based on IP address. This means people who share the same IP address will be identified as administrators of your store.

To test the Blacklist, normally, people use a VPN to change their IP from one country to another. However, sometimes VPN and other IP tools are not 100% accurate, making you still be able to get access to your store with the blocked country IP.

IP information checker

Eggflow has built a tool for Shop Secure users to check the exact information of an IP.

All you have to do is pasting the IP into the given link. The geographical information of the IP will be displayed in many languages as shown in the photo below.

Check your IP at:


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