How to create a popup with Smart Popup

Create A Popup

From your Dashboard, click on "Create a new popup".

Select Popup Types

Select the type of popups you want to create. Smart Popup offers users with 4 types of responsive popups:

  • Lead Flow: Insert your own photo to create a stunning submission form popup.
  • Coupon Popup: Offer coupon and ask for customers' email addresses.
  • Call-to-action Popup: Encourage your customers to take the action you want.
  • Call-to-action Floating: A minimized Call-to-action popup that is shown on the lower edge of the screen.

Popup Settings

After selecting the popup type, you'll be directed to the popup editing window.

Email Required: When creating a coupon popup, you can either require your customers to submit their email in order to get the coupon, or not. Check on "Yes" to require email submission.

The popup editing window stays almost the same to all types of popups, with 3 editing tabs:

  • Form
  • Thank You Form
  • Options


Name: Give your popup a name so that you can recognize it among many popups you created.

Text 1, 2, 3: The position of the texts are displayed as the place holder and also in the preview version of the popup. This way, you can see which text you are editing.

Input place holder: The place holder text in the email submission form.

Button text: The text shown on the button.

Coupon: Normally, in order for your customers to be able to use the coupon and get discounted, you should import a coupon that was generated in your Shopify store.

User Language: The language you want the popup to be shown in.

Thank You Form

Message: The main text in the thank you form

Text 1: The additional text under the main text.

Button text: The text in the button. This button is optional and will not appear if you leave the field blank.

Link for button: Insert a link if you want to redirect your customers to another page. Just like the button text, you can leave this field blank if having no intention to redirect your customers from this form.


This is where you can adjust other parameters of the popup.

Location: Where you want your popup to be shown.

  • All Pages: Display your popup throughout your store.
  • People who visited specific web pages URL contains texts: Enter the keywords from the URL of the pages you want the popups to be displayed on.

Flow Triggers: When you want the popup to be shown:

  • On 50% page scrolls: Display popups when customers scroll halfway through the pages.
  • On exit intent: Display popups when your customers move their mouse to the close button.
  • After elapsed time: Display popup after a certain amount of time.

Small Screen Sizes: Enable/ Disable popup on small screen devices.

On Close: Enable this to allow your customers to close the popup by clicking outside of the popup.

Weight: When doing A/B testing, the popup with higher weight will be displayed more frequently.

Country: Select the country you want to display your popup in.

Start Date/ End Date: When to start and stop displaying your popup.

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