How do I get my popup shown up in my store?

When you finish creating your first popup, the popup is active by default. 

Smartpop's free plan allows users to create an unlimited number of popups. 

The popups you created are displayed in Popup list.

In order for a popup to be displayed in your store, you need to turn it on by switching the status button.

To enable the popup small screen devices and edit other settings, click on the Edit button.

In Options tab, you can edit the settings of the popup.

Lead flow location: Which pages you want the popup to be displayed.

- All pages: Popup is displayed on all pages.

- People who visited specific web pages URL contains text: 

To display popup on certain pages only, you need to enter the keyword from the URL of the pages. All pages with the URL containing the keywords will display the popup.

Flow Triggers: When you want the popup to show up on the pages.

- On 50% page scroll: When your customers scroll 50% through your pages.

- On exit intent: When customers move their mouse to the close button.

- After elapsed time: In case your customers do not scroll, exit or take any action, you can set up for the popup to be displayed after elapsed time.

Small screen sizes: Decide whether to display your popup in small screen devices or not.

Weight: In case more than 1 popups are set up to be displayed on one page, the popup with higher weight number will be displayed.

Country: Select countries you want the popup to be displayed.

Start date/ End date: Schedule the display of the popups on your pages.





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