How to start advertising your products

To start advertising your products, kindly follow this instruction:

Step 1: Import products into your advertisments

In Instant Traffic dashboard, go to "Store Products"

Select the products you want to advertise or search for the products in the "Product Search" bar.

Click on the "Promote my product" button under each product to add the product into the advertising list.

Step 2: Edit your advertisments

Go to "Ad products".

Click on the Edit button to edit your ads.

You can edit the Title, Price, Comapre at price (original price) and Short Description of the ad.

Click on the Preview button to preview your ads.

Click on the Delete button to remove the product from your Ads list.Note: The advertisements are turned on right after you add products to your ads. To turn an advertisememt off, switch the Status button to "Off".

Step 3: Edit your partner advertisements

In "Settings", go to "Partner Settings".

Select product categories that you do not want to be displayed in your store.

You can also edit the visual appearance of the partner ads that are going to be displayed in your store:

Step 4: Customize your audience

If you are targeting people in certain countries or people using certain devices, you may want to limit your ads based on people's physical locations (countries) or devices.

In this case, you can go to "Ads Targeting":

Limit ads by countries:

Select "Limit Ads by Countries",

Select countries in which you want your ads to be displayed, then click "Add to target countries".

To remove a country from the target list, select the country and click "Undo target countries".

Limit ads by devices:

Select "Limit ads by devices",

Select devices you do not want your ads to be displayed on and then save.

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