I turned the popup on but the popup still does not display.

Check the following factors to make sure your settings are right

Popup Location

  • All pages
  • People who visited web pages URL contains text

The popups will only be displayed at pages you selected.



  • On 50% pages scroll
  • On exit intent
  • After elapsed time

The popups are only displayed when being triggered.

Here's a quick illustration:

If you selected "On exit intent", which means you want the popup to be displayed when your customers are going to quit. In this case, unless your customers hover their mouse near the close button, the popup will not show up.

Small screen enabled/disabled

This option is for you to avoid annoying customers when they enter your store from mobile devices. If you select this option, you won't see the popup on mobile devices.


If you cannot see your popup, maybe it's because the popup is not visible in your country.
What should I do?
If you only display the popup in some countries, there are some ways you can test if the popup is working:
  • Ask your friend: If you know someone in the target country, you can ask them to check the popup.
  • Use a VPN to change your IP into the IP of the target country.

Start/ end date

Popups are automatically turned off after the end date (if any).


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