Instant Buy - Main Features and How to use the app

Main features

Instant Buy's main features:

- Create Add-to-cart button on product pages.

- Add Facebook pixel code into the add-to-cart buttons to retarget people clicking on the button with Facebook Ads.

- Create redirect buttons on all pages in your store. 

Create Add-to-cart button on product pages

In the app's dashboard, go to Setting for Product pages. This is where you can edit the settings for the button at product details pages.


Button Label:

Edit the text on the button. So the button does not necessarily have to be "Add to cart" button, it can be "Buy now", "Checkout" or whatever you find suitable.

The font size of the button label:

Edit the size of the text on the button. Keep in mind that the size unit is a pixel.

Text when selecting variations:

This is the text that shows up when the product variations page is displayed.

Button Actions:

This is what happens when your customers click on the button. Based on your actual need, you can select either of the 3 options:

  • Add product to cart and keep the current page
  • Add product to cart and go to check out page
  • Add product to cart and go to cart page


You can edit the text color and background color of the button. The primary color is the button's background color and the secondary color is the button's text color.

Page Scroll

This setting allows you to determine when to display the button based on customers behavior on site.

  • No scroll: Always show the button regardless of customers activities on your site.
  • On 10% page scroll: Show the button when customers scroll 10% through your site.
  • On 50% page scroll: Show the button when customers scroll 50% through your site.

Other settings

Select the option if you want to display the button on PC. Leaving the button uncheck means the button will only be displayed on mobile devices.

Create Shop-now button on other pages

In your app's dashboard, go to Settings for all pages except product pages.

In this part, you change the settings for the button that is displayed on all pages on your store, except for Product page. This kind of button will serve as a Call-to-action or a shortcut that leads customers to your Product pages.

All settings for Add-to-cart button will be applied for this button. So you only edit the Button label and the Redirect URL, which is where your customers will be redirected to when clicking on the button.

Facebook Pixel Tracker

This is a premium feature. Facebook Pixel Tracker allows you to create a Facebook Advertising Audience of people who add your products to cart.


All you have to do is paste your Facebook Pixel ID into the Facebook Pixel ID bar and save the work. An audience will be created automatically in your advertising account.

Disable/enable the app

You can disable the button and enable it again at any times, just switch the button on Status.


Upgrade Billing

This is where you can upgrade your plan and view your billing history.


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