Instant Upsell - Main Features

This is the go-to article when you first start with Instant Upsell.


Instant Upsell automatically promotes your coupon. All you need to do is sync the codes and set how you want the promotion to look like.

Activate the app

From your backend, open the app to go to its Dashboard, then click Enable for the app to start working.

Synchronize coupon codes 

In Dashboard, scroll down to Discount Codes and click Sync Store's discount codes to synchronize all of your code in bulk.

The second way to sync in bulk is by going to Setting, then click Sync Now.

The third way is for synchronizing one coupon at a time. Just go to Discount, then Codes. From there, click on the code you want and choose More actions > Promote with Instant Upsell.

Set how your promotion looks

On your front end, coupon codes will be promoted in the form of a small horizontal bar. You can change this bar behavior and look under Setting with these following options:


Control when the bar will appear, you can tick more than 1 option

  • On open page: Appears right away, no delay (checking this will disable the other options)
  • On % page scroll: Appears after a certain amount of the page has been scrolled
  • On exit intent: Appears when your customers move their mouse to the close button.
  • After elapsed time: Appears after a certain amount of time (the minimum you can set is 3 seconds)

Position & Colors

Control how the Bar looks

  • Primary color: Color of the bar
  • Secondary color: Color of the text
  • Button color: Color of the button

Afterward, remember to Save for your changes to take place.

Choose which coupon to promote

Return to your Dashboard, turn on the coupons you want to be publicly promoted with Instant Upzily.

The codes turned off won't be promoted with Upzily even if they are active.

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