Is there a monthly cost for the app?

Shop Secure provides users with Free Plan and Premium Plan.

Free Plan: Free forever

Almost all features of Shop Secure is available with Free Plan.

  • Blacklist: Block visitors by countries
  • Whitelist: Allow access of people from certain countries
  • Custom Block Page: Edit what blocked visitors see when accessing your site. Or redirect blocked visitors to another page.
  • Disable right-click: Disable right-clicks and kerboard shortcuts and prevent saving content in mobile and pc.
  • Whitelist password: Generate passwords for visitors from blocked countries to enter your website.

Premium Plan: $5/month

  • Administration mode: This mode allows administrators of the website to get access to their store normally in blocked countries and when right-click is disabled.
  • Block a certain IP: You can block certain unwanted visitors by blocking their IP addresses.

The monthly cost for the premium plan is $5 a month.

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