Collect email by offering single-use coupons with Smart Popup

To offer a single-use coupon and collect site visitors emails, you need:

- A coupon popup

- A single-use coupon generated in your Shopify store

Creating a single-use coupon in your Shopify store

From your Shopify store's dashboard, go to Discounts to create a new discount code.

In order for a coupon code to be available only once, you need to limit the number of times the coupon can be used in total.

Then you need to finish other settings and save the discount code.

Created a coupon popup with Smart Popup

For detailed instruction, take a look at our article about How to create a popup with Smart Popup.

This section is going to walk you through things to keep in mind while creating a coupon popup to offer single-use coupon.

From Smart Popup's Dashboard, click the Create new popup button.

As you are creating a popup to offer coupon and collect emails, select Coupon popup when the table shows up.

As you are creating a popup to collect email addresses, remember to check Yes under the Email required section.

You need to import the single-use coupon generated in your Shopify store. Your store visitors will see this coupon after submitting their email addresses. 

Click the Get shop coupon button to import coupon from your store to the popup.

Save the work. The coupon popup will be automatically activated in your store.

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