Shop Secure - Main features and How it works

After installing Shop Secure, you'll be directed the app's dashboard. To get started, take a look at the app's main features.


Blacklist allows you to restrict visitors to your website by their physical location. More specifically, you can block visitors to your website by their countries.

Administration mode

In many cases, many merchants want to block visitors from their own countries, which are the countries they are located in. This leaves them unable to get access to their own website.

You will need this Administration mode in cases like this, When the Administration mode is ON, administrators of your store will have full access to the store, no matter where they are located.

Note: People having the same IP address as the administrators of the website will also be counted as administrators.

This is a premium feature, you need to upgrade your plan to turn the mode on.


Contrary to blacklist, whitelist allows you to provide access to visitors from certain countries. People from other countries will be unable to get access to your store.

Block page

For people being blocked from your store, you can choose either to show them the default 402 NOT FOUND page, your can also customize your block page or redirect these people to another website.

Block IPs

This is a premium feature. You are allowed to block specific people by blocking their IP addresses.


You can change the settings of your store to protect your content.

  1. Disable right-clicks and keyboard shortcuts on PC.
  2. Deactivate copying text and image on mobile devices.

Whitelist Settings

You can also generate a password for people from blocked countries to get access to your store.

Upgrade Billing

This is where you can upgrade your plan to use the premium features.

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