Smartpop - Main Features


In Smartpop's dashboard, you can view report about your popup's perfomance. More specifially, there are statistics about:

  • Views: Total views of your popups
  • Actions: The number of actions, usually clicks, taken when people see your popups.
  • Popup: The number of popup created.
  • Top 5 popups: 5 most effective popups.

Popup List

The list of popup you created. You can aslo Preview, Edit or Remove popup in Popup List.


In this part, you can manage your Contact List, Labels and Integrations.

Contact List
You can view all of your potential customers (leads) information here. You can also sort contact by Score, Gender, Last Activity and Asignees and export data into CSV files.
You can classify customers by sticking a label on each contact. By labeling customers, you can asign, sort and manage your customer database easily.
When the customers database you create from popups is big enough, you can integrate Smartpop with your email marketing systems like Mailchimp, Sendy, Hubspot and continue your email marketing campaigns.

A/B Testing

This feature allows you to display 2 popups on the same page to test which one gives better performace.

Each popup will be displayed equally in number of times and the report about actions and views will give you the answer about which one is better.

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