The add-to-cart button does not work

Your add-to-cart button does not work? Please check the factors as follows:

App's status

Make sure Instant Buy is enabled. Only then can the buttons be displayed properly.

Desktop enabled

If the button is displayed only in mobile devices but not desktop devices, maybe it's because you haven't enabled the buttons on desktops.

Add-to-cart vs. Shop-now button

Summary: You cannot find an add-to-cart button on your homepage.

Instant Buy allows users to create two types of buttons:

  • Add-to-cart button
  • Shop-now button

Keep in mind that the Add-to-cart button can only be displayed on Product Pages. This means if you are viewing your store from the Homepage or Contact Page, the button does not show up.

Likewise, the Shop-now button cannot be displayed on the product pages. This button is displayed on any but the product pages to redirect site visitors to a certain page or website.



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