Instant Traffic - main features


Instant Traffic allows you to increase traffic to your store by exchanging product ads with partners store.


This is where you can see the performance report of your store. There are 4 types of report for you to track your store's performance:

1. Overview: Total Impression, Clicks and CTRS.

2. Analytics: Illustration of impressions and clicks.

3. Top 5 most popular products by impressions

4. Top 10 most popular products in general

Store Products

All products in your store are displayed here. You choose products to be advertised in partners store by clicking on "Promote my products"

Ads Products

You can find the products that are being advertised here. Also you can manage and edit and preview the products ads:

- Turn on/off ads.

- Edit title, price, "compare at price" badge, short description.

- Preivew the ads and view the ads' report.

Ads Targeting

In this section, you manage the target audience of your ads.

More specifically, you can limit people who can see your ads based on their countries and their devices.


You can edit the settings of your ads and your partner ads in this section.


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