What do you have with Eggflow's Premium Plans?

Eggflow apps' premium features: What you have when upgrading your plans.

Instant Traffic

Advertise more products 

Instead of 5 products, you can display 10 products as advertisements in other stores. 

Exclude more unwanted product categories

Keep your store "clean" without irrelevant advertisements by excluding 5 unwanted product categories.

Target your ads by countries and devices

Display your ads in specific countries, deliver your ads to people using specific devices.

Instant Buy

Create Facebook remarketing audience

  • Add Facebook pixel code into the add to cart buttons.
  • Track people who added products to carts in your store.
  • Retarget them with Facebook ads.

Shop Secure

Administration mode

  • Turning on Administration mode allows you to get full access to your store in blocked countries.
  • By turning off this mode, you can enter your store like a normal visitor and test if your settings work.

Block visitors by IP

Block any suspicious visitors easily by IP addresses.

Show GDPR banner only in EU countries

Show the banner in EU countries only and turn off the banner to visitors from other countries.


Unlimited popups 

Create and display as many popups as you need in your store.

Popup AB testing

Display more than one popups in turn on the same page to test which one delivers better results.

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