Which files do I need to remove after uninstalling Eggflow apps from my Shopify store?

Warning:  These scripts should only be removed when you uninstall ALL of Eggflow apps. If you have other Eggflow apps still running in your store, removing these scripts may lead to unwanted errors.
Having trouble removing the scripts? Let us help by leaving an email at support@eggflow.com 

When you remove an Eggflow app, basically, Eggflow scripts will be automatically removed from your store. 

However, there are two positions that Eggflow's scripts are left. This article is the instruction on how you can manually remove these scripts from your store.

1. Theme.liquid

This is the first position that Eggflow scripts are left after you uninstall Eggflow apps from your store. 

In your merchant onboarding page, go to Online Store, Themes.

Then in Actions drop-down list, select Edit code.

Then you browse the theme.liquid file in Layout, remove this script in the title tag: {% include 'eggflow-script' %}

2. Snippets

In the same editing page, scroll down to find the Snippets folder.

Browse and remove the eggflow-script.liquid file.

After this step, you are done.

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